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Avery is a native of Fort Worth, Texas where she currently lives and makes art.  Avery earned her MA and MFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Tyler, a BFA in Painting from Texas Christian University, and a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Redlands, California.  In her work, Avery brings together a love of creating images with her love for the outdoors, focusing on animals and landscape in her painting and printmaking.  She is inspired by the beauty, energy, and vitality of nature, its creatures and their interactions within the landscape, which she perceives in a joyful way.  


With a record of both national and local exhibitions, Avery loves to create her art and also complete special projects for clients.  She has completed numerous commissions including an outdoor mural at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth.  She works as an art teacher and has taught kindergarten through college level.  

Articles about Avery in Dallas Style and Design:

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Artist Statement

My work centers on the beauty and energy of the natural world.  I strive to convey a sense of joy and mystery and portray each animal as a distinct individual.  Within each piece, I am interested in the animals' engagement with its fellow creatures, the surrounding environment, and the viewer.   I am inspired by time spent outdoors observing, as well as by reading animal stories, children’s literature, and natural history.  I strive to create lively illustrations that bring the viewer into the moment being depicted, where they feel a connection with the imagery.

Curiosity about the perceptions of animals and relationships within the landscape inform my art.  The work integrates abstraction with representation, contributing to a believable moment that is yet imaginary.  Creating art for me relates to the energy and focus of playing physical sports.  I hope that viewers of my work will experience the excitement I feel when creating.

In addition to oil and acrylic painting, I work in relief printmaking.  Addressing my subject matter at a smaller scale,  I enjoy the sense of risk and the unknown in carving.  Drawn to the strong contrast of black-and-white Pueblo pottery, I work to convey a similar clarity of design.  Through the action of carving, line, shape and pattern create rhythms across the surface and a sense of atmosphere or place.

 I hope that my work will be an inspiration to others' vision and imagination.

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