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Relief Prints: Linocuts

Printed on BFK Rives paper.
Editions of 10 unless otherwise noted.
Prints are framed with white mat, black wood frame.
A smaller frame size than listed may be available upon request.

More about Avery’s linocuts 
In her linocuts, Avery enjoys the direct action of carving the plate, the sense of risk and the unknown in carving, using line, shape, and pattern to create rhythms across the surface and a sense of atmosphere or place.  She endeavors to create lively illustrations that bring the viewer into the particular moment being depicted, where they feel a connection with the imagery.  Drawn to the strong contrast of black-and-white Pueblo pottery, she hopes to convey a similar clarity of design.  After carving her drawings into the linoleum plate, Avery creates hand-pulled prints using a printing press.  White areas represent areas of the linoleum that Avery carved away, while black shows where the plate was left intact.  
Avery’s work integrates abstraction with representation, contributing to a believable yet dreamlike moment. She hopes that the work will be an inspiration to others’ vision and imagination.  

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