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Color Notecards:

Packages of 3, 5x7" cards with envelopes

$8 per package

Black and White Notecards, 

Packages of 5, 4x5.5" cards with envelopes

$10.50 per package

Bear at Waterfall

Terns on Shore

Foxes at Night

Bandit by Moonlight

Burrowing Owls

Coneflowers at St. Mary's Garden

Sunrise on the Water


Sunrise on the Water III (currently sold out)

Cattle Egrets

Paisano (currently sold out)

Wild Horses after Russell (currently sold out)

Cormorant at the Pier

Roadrunner (currently sold out)

Bandit by Night

For notecards with many other images of Avery's work, mugs and other gift items, visit

https://pixels.com/profiles/avery-kelly.  You can customize your items by adjusting image size and orientation.

The Grove (currently sold out)

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